Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 145180-2is approved as TSA qualified product for air cargo screening

Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 145180-2is has been formally approved for air cargo screening in the U.S. after successfully completing stringent qualification testing by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration).

The HI-SCAN 145180-2is joins 20 other Smiths Detection inspection systems already approved and included in the ACSTL (Transportation Security Administration’s Air Cargo Screening Technology List).

Its dual-view X-ray inspection system and large tunnel helps cut cargo inspection times by allowing shippers to screen bulk items without the requirement of unpacking shipments, scanning individual boxes and then re-assembling them.

Able to screen objects up to 57” x 71” (145 cm x 180 cm), the HI-SCAN 145180-2is meets the maximum skid/pallet size allowed by TSA. Its dual-view capability also speeds throughput by providing the operator with two high-resolution adjoining images, eliminating the need to scan cargo twice.

Lance Roncalli, Managing Director of Vice President of Sales, Americas, Smiths Detection, said: “The HI-SCAN 145180-2is was designed to meet the ever-growing demands of air cargo screening. Its dual-view technology, large pallet screening capability and highly compact footprint offer customers outstanding value for cutting-edge threat detection while still supporting the smooth flow of air cargo.”

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