Smiths Detection supplies body scanners to correctional facilities in Oregon and Indiana

Smiths Detection Inc. (SDI), in partnership with Command Sourcing, Inc., announced the sale of multiple body scanners to county correctional facilities in Oregon and Indiana this year. Body scanners have proven to be an efficient and cost-effective tool to deter the smuggling of contraband into facilities.

Smiths Detection’s B-SCAN is a transmission X-ray people scanner used by hundreds of facilities around the world to detect concealed contraband which has been ingested, hidden internally, or carried beneath clothing. The scanner reduces the need for manual searches and greatly improves the security screening process with a comprehensive image. It easily integrates into existing checkpoint areas to serve as a primary, or secondary screening method.

Shan Hood, President of SDI, said, “B-SCAN gives agencies a critical tool in their fight against the smuggling of threats such as weapons and controlled substances. It offers fast and accurate image scans and reliable, low cost ownership over its lifetime, making it an accessible option for a wide range of customers.”

Through Smiths Detection’s partner, Command Sourcing, customers have the option to quickly and efficiently install new B-SCAN systems and make them fully operational. Mike Anderson, VP of Business Development at Command Sourcing, said, “Command Sourcing is proud to work with Smiths Detection at Sheriff’s Offices and Departments of Corrections (DOC’s) across multiple states to equip these facilities with the latest body scanners. This technology keeps correctional facilities safer for both inmates and officers by efficiently and effectively detecting contraband threats.”