Smiths Detection launches new large-scale cargo inspection system

Smiths Detection today launches HI-SCAN 180180-2is pro, an advanced dual-view X-ray system for screening large-scale freight, air cargo and mail.

HI-SCAN 180180-2is pro is an advanced version of the HI-SCAN 180180-2is which has become a market-leading solution over the past decade. The new ‘pro’ version meets the current global legal requirements for 100% inspection of air cargo on passenger flights. It also reflects the increasing need for X-ray units capable of screening LD3 containers as well as the largest package size accepted by the US Transportation Security Administration: 48 x 48 x 65 ins / 122 x 122 x 165 cm (W x L x H).

Thanks to its high penetration capabilities HI-SCAN 180180-2is pro can screen large containers with no need to disassemble consolidated freight into individual packages.This cutsre-inspection times considerablyand ensures both high throughput and a fast, efficient inspection process.

Security standards are increased by the use of dual-view, with top and side views of the screened objects providing excellent image quality to allow precise image interpretation.

Although the system features a large tunnel opening of 180 x 180 cm, capable of screening LD3 containers, the HI-SCAN 180180-2is pro offers a compact footprint which minimizes the required floor space and the associated lifecycle costs. It will expand Smiths Detection’s product portfolio of freight and air cargo inspection systems which meet diverse customer needs.

Hans Zirwes,Vice President International Sales for Smiths Detection, said: “In the course of redesigning the HS 180180-2is we have revisited nearly every important feature and are proud to present our customers a unique product, both in performance and reliability. We are confident that HI-SCAN 180180-2is pro will support our customers whenever the requirement is for the efficient inspection of air freight, as well as applications in other sectors such as customs or critical infrastructure security.”

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