Smiths Detection and GRASP Innovations to collaborate on technology integration

Smiths Detection, a global leader in threat detection and security screening, today announces a collaboration with GRASP Innovations, a solutions provider for aviation security optimisation to allow the integration of GRASPs sensor technology into Smiths Detection’s security checkpoints. The collaboration is part of Smiths Detection’s Ada Initiative that seeks to enable hardware, software and algorithms from different product suppliers to be plugged together using open architecture.

GRASP Innovations uses strategically placed sensors to provide data on passenger flows that allow for better resource allocation and, when used alongside Smiths Detection’s leading security screening equipment, will result in an improved passenger experience and operational efficiency.

Smiths Detection and GRASP Innovations will leverage the capabilities of both companies to integrate GRASP’s solution into Smiths Detection’s end-to-end security checkpoint solutions. The two companies will jointly pursue opportunities within the industry and interact with existing customers to prove the potential added value of this partnership.

Cymoril Métivier, Global Director Digital, Smiths Detection said: “Smiths Detection is committed to helping our customers achieve their security and operational goals; through our collaboration with GRASP we’ll be able to provide our customers with invaluable data to improve safety and operational efficiency to the benefit of operators and passengers alike.”

Robert Schuur, CEO, GRASP Innovations said: “We are thrilled to announce this collaboration. Smiths Detection is one of the greats in our industry, in terms of technology, install base and with experienced leadership. As we’re focused on successfully scaling our business, this initiative comes at the right time for us, to provide Smiths Detection with a unique and powerful solution.”

GRASP and Smiths Detection will be showcasing at Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam 14-16 March (booth: 2340) to provide those interested with an introduction to the shared solution.



About GRASP Innovations:

GRASP Innovations is a solutions provider for (aviation) security optimization. We use (new) technology-driven data to provide clear insights to optimize the use of resources and infrastructure given any situation.

Enabling security professionals to take immediate action if necessary to get control and solve problems before they arise. It’s our business to develop tools that help security professionals make optimal use of available resources and infrastructure in ever-changing circumstances.

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