Smiths Detection agrees first proof of concept with customs administration of the Netherlands

Smiths Detection, a global leader in threat detection and screening technologies, today announced that it has agreed to prepare the first proof-of-concept with the Customs Administration of the Netherlands for CORSYS, Smiths Detection’s pioneering enterprise-level security command centre.

Announced in November 2017, CORSYS is Smiths Detection’s secure, cloud-based, digital ecosystem that integrates data from a vast array of devices and processes, to support critical ports and borders security. It enables port operators to achieve a more accurate assessment of risk at the initial inspection stage.

Under the arrangement, Smiths Detection and the Dutch Customs will develop new machine learning models based on the advanced technology of the CORSYS Profiler application. This will enable the team to develop more sophisticated risk assessment protocols, using both container pre-arrival data and automatic threat recognition data from the inspection process. With the system, the Dutch Customs can apply a full, mixed reality capability to 100% of the containers that they receive through the Port of Rotterdam, allowing them to drive more positive outcomes for their physical inspection process.

“The Dutch Customs is regarded as one of the most modern and advanced customs services in the world and we are extremely pleased to partner with them. Using next-generation technology to drive 100% data inspection of all shipments is something that has never been achieved before”, said Tim Norton, Global Market Director, Ports & Borders. “We are confident that our collaboration with the Dutch Customs will pave the way for the digital transformation of border security and management around the world”.

“We at Dutch Customs are always looking to further innovate our operational efficiency in the cargo inspection process, highlighting the purpose of this proof of concept. The design of the CORSYS platform could allow us to scale rapidly based on our future operations and needs. We look forward to transforming our operations to boost security and attain higher levels of efficiency.” said Joris Groeneveld, Senior Advisor X Ray Scanning and Radiation Detection.

As international travel and trade continue to grow, new border security processes are required to ensure the safety of national borders and citizens. To this end, CORSYS was specifically designed for Business to Government operations in a global partnership by three major domain experts – Smiths Detection, Hitachi Consulting and Microsoft –to help Customs Administrators identify anomalies, manage risks more effectively and increase duty collections to improve overall operational performance.

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