PathSensors Provides Food Safety Testing Capabilities to LA Robotic Juice Dispenser, JuiceBot

Baltimore-based PathSensors is bringing its technology to the West Coast by providing pathogen detection capabilities to JuiceBot. JuiceBot has created unique robotic juice dispensers that dispense organic juice with the push of a button. PathSensors’ CANARY systems play a key role in JuiceBot’s food safety program.

JuiceBot’s goal is to make fresh, organic smoothies and juices “as accessible and easy to find as a soda machine.” The company eliminates pre-packaging to protect their raw, cold-pressed juice from light and heat oxidation while it is kept fresh in high-tech stainless-steel containers. While competing juices alter their products with additives or high-pressure processing, every juice or smoothie in a JuiceBot kiosk has been created within 48 hours of being placed inside a dispenser so customers have access to the freshest juices.

Not only are JuiceBot’s juices and smoothies fresh, they are also safe. After organic produce is brought to their commercial kitchen from the farm, their ingredients are washed, prepared, and then tested for foodborne bacteria using CANARY technology. “We pride ourselves on the quality and freshness of our juice, as well as food safety standards that exceed requirements and keep pushing the industry forward,” said JuiceBot CEO, Kamal Mohamed. “PathSensors helps us remain confident we’re providing the highest level of food safety to our consumers.”

“The juice market is one of the most competitive segments of the beverage industry,” commented PathSensors president, Ted Olsen. “We are helping JuiceBot stay at the cutting edge of food safety with our rapid and extremely sensitive CANARY technology.”

JuiceBot’s organic robotic kiosks currently dispense 4 pre-set flavors, or customers can create and bottle their own unique juice and smoothie blends. Their kiosks can currently be found in Downtown LA and serve corporate cafés, universities, local gyms, apartment complexes and more. Make sure to stop by and try some delicious organic juice if you’re in the area.