PathSensors Announces Food Safety Partnership with Jody’s Popcorn

PathSensors, Inc. announced today the continued expansion of its food safety business in partnership with Jody’s Popcorn of Norfolk, Virginia. Jody’s is deploying PathSensors proprietary CANARY technology in the testing of environmental samples, incoming raw materials and finished products for food pathogens.

“CANARY provides a competitive advantage to its customers due to its cost-effective, rapid and easy to use technology”, said Ted Olsen, PathSensors President. “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Jody’s today, deploying CANARY technology in their Norfolk factory.”

Jody’s Popcorn, founded in 2005 by Jody and Alan Wagner, is a gourmet popcorn company with humble beginnings in the Virginia Beach, VA area. Determined to create a caramel corn more delicious than anything they had ever tasted, they made batch after batch, until the recipe was just right. Their motto was “Amazing or Bust.” After 53 tries, they arrived at “Amazing”—Recipe 53 Caramel Corn!  Today, Jody’s Popcorn sells over 15 flavors of popcorn in specialty, boutique and grocery stores and online.

“At Jody’s, we are focused on providing the highest quality, best-tasting popcorn.  We are excited to deploy PathSensors’ CANARY technology to ensure our popcorn is the best quality possible for our customers.   CANARY is easy to use and provides quick results. The PathSensors’ team made implementation easy,” said Jody Wagner, Jody’s Popcorn’s President.

About PathSensors, Inc.

PathSensors is a leading environmental test company built on CANARY technology exclusively licensed from MIT-Lincoln Laboratory. CANARY offers cutting edge pathogen detection capabilities to a variety of industries including food safety, agriculture, and security. PathSensors’ mission is to make the world a safer place by detecting pathogens that can cause sickness and potentially death. PathSensors offers its customers great products and superior service at a fair price in all the markets it serves.

About Jody’s Popcorn, Inc.

Jody’s Popcorn is all about the TASTE!  The popcorn is gluten-free, whole grain, Kosher certified, a Virginia Finest product, made with non-GMO popcorn kernels and free of preservatives.  Jody’s Popcorn is sold in about 1000 stores throughout the US, Canada, and Iceland, and can be purchased online at its website,, and on various internet retailers’ sites, including Amazon.