Morpho Detection’s CTX 9800 Achieves ECAC Standard 3 Endorsement at .5 Meters Per Second

Safran Identity & Security, through its subsidiary Morpho Detection, today announced its CTX 9800 DSi™ explosives detection system (EDS) has achieved Standard 3 endorsement from the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) with a 0.5 meters per second belt speed.

While maintaining the same footprint and ease of serviceability, CTX 9800 at 0.5 m/sec belt speed reduces power consumption while improving uptime, image archiving capability and total bags per hour (BPH) capacity. Leveraging increased speed and the crisp image quality of the Clarity Data Acquisition System (DAS), CTX 9800 now reliably screens up to 1,800 BPH. Combined with the compact CTX 5800 and global service footprint, Morpho Detection helps all-sized airports ensure compliance with approaching mandates requiring ECAC Standard 3-approved hold baggage screening capabilities.

“Developing the ability to screen hold baggage faster, more effectively and with superior image quality is at the heart of Morpho Detection’s commitment to our customers for more than 25 years,” said Moureen Schobert, Product Manager, Morpho Detection. “This approval from ECAC gives airports powerful new security capabilities while further validating the CTX platform as having the scalability to meet the rapidly growing role airports are playing as global hubs for commerce.”