Technology, values and an inclusive culture

Three pillars Reshma Shetty found at Smiths Detection even during a pandemic

Choose to challenge 

In the middle of 2020 during a global pandemic, Reshma Shetty decided to join Smiths Detection as a Senior Test Engineering Manager based in Bangalore, India. Reshma’s gained her extensive experience in a completely different sector – Telecommunications, Networking and Projector – and she knew little about the company, its products, or its values. However, Smiths Detection quickly recognised that Reshma’s testing and quality control expertise was both valuable and easily transferable to a different industry.

“My research into the company and everything I learned during the interview process really intrigued me,” explained Reshma. “The people I spoke to were all very passionate about their work and how the technology really does help to make the world a safer place. I found this truly motivating and it really pulled me in.” 

Although already familiar with artificial intelligence, machine learning and other leading-edge technologies, Reshma was excited to learn how they were being used to develop security screening systems.

Onboarding in a virtual world

Reshma discovered that Smiths Detection has perfected onboarding staff directly to home working and was very impressed. “It was so smooth and fast, it felt like an established process rather than a reaction to an extraordinary situation. I was quickly able to integrate into my team even though our meetings took place in a virtual world. Once again, technology came to the fore and I could connect and get to know people via lots of online sessions.” 

Inclusive culture

Engineering is considered a male dominated profession, but the world is changing, and Smiths Detection welcomes what diverse people, backgrounds and perspectives bring to the business. “This company understands that different people have different ideas, viewpoints and skills. For example, I believe my passion for quality is fully appreciated. There is equality within Smiths Detection and I have not encountered any bias. I’m part of a team and the decision-making process so I feel included and that my voice is definitely heard,” added Reshma.

Delighted with her decision to join the company, Reshma is looking forward to the future. Initially valued for her quality control experience, she has been encouraged to look at how she might contribute to other aspects of the business. “Amazing products which really make a difference, fantastic technology, a great culture and the opportunity to spread my wings – I think customer engagement might be something I would like to explore. Whichever direction my career here takes, I know joining Smiths Detection was an excellent decision!”