Smiths Detection HCVM helps in Marseille’s largest cocaine seizure

Smiths Detection HCVM XL inspection system assisted in the French Customs  discovery 514kg of cocaine at the Port of Marseilles in January, the the largest cocaine seizure ever made at the port with a value of nearly €36 million.

The drugs were detected in several containers of a ship coming from Chile. In the scanning process, the presence of several sport bags was revealed among a load of wooden floors where 450 loaves of cocaine were found hidden.

Speaking of the seizure French Minister Delegate, Olivier Dussopt said: “This remarkable knowledge illustrates the active role of the customs services in the port sector, which implement their targeting skills and technical guidelines on a daily basis to combat trafficking.”

French Customs have been operating the HCVM XL X-ray inspection systems since 2021. That year, French Customs seized 18 tons of cocaine on the national territory, a +106% increase compared to 2020.

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