What should a service partner deliver?

More passengers, more international flights and more cargo make it increasingly important for airport operations to run smoothly.  For airport security teams, managing that increased volume of baggage through the screening area means explosives detection systems (EDS) need to operate at peak performance – for longer periods and at a faster pace.

The good news is choosing the right aviation security service partner can help you gain more value from your airport screening operations and keep your equipment running reliably for years—whatever the volume.

Here are the key things to look for when choosing your service partner.

An exceptional commitment to quality and excellence

Your service partner should offer an outstanding management system designed to continually assess, audit, analyse and review equipment to correct and prevent issues with your EDS and any other machines to be serviced.  In addition, they should offer a built-in upgrade path to help you future proof your equipment whilst protecting against new and emerging security threats.

To save time and achieve maximum value from your service contracts, look for a partner with a proven track record of proactive equipment maintenance and a team of experienced field service engineers and technicians.  There should be training options to give your teams hands-on experience with the EDS equipment and ongoing education to ensure they are making the best use of the system and all its features.  This  will help you get the best from both your technical and human resources.

A focus on preventive maintenance

A strong, proactive maintenance programme is the best way to drive superior value through the life of your equipment.  Therefore, your EDS service partner should not only provide an easy and clear field issue escalation path, but also work with you to build a routine, scheduled maintenance calendar to keep all systems supported, properly serviced and in peak operating condition. A highly communicative approach with proactive outreach will ensure scheduled maintenance is completed.

Beyond these important routine maintenance processes, your service partner should also offer preventive, forward-thinking tools, such as remote diagnostics and advanced data analytics. Using these, system performance data is continually scanned to provide constant insight into the health of each of the EDS equipment throughout your airport.

Up front control of labour and parts

When it comes to controlling costs, look to your EDS equipment supplier and service partner to provide performance based contracts on capital equipment, which can help you drive equipment reliability and future-proof your operations.   This type of contract should include a commitment from your partner to deliver specific service levels whilst providing predictable maintenance costs over the life of your equipment.

Flexible, scalable and customised options

Since each airport is unique and has differing service requirements, therefore you need a partner with a scalable service platform which can be adjusted to meet changing demands.

Simply put, it should be easy to add, replace, or change equipment over time and to upgrade it as necessary to meet developing needs and threats. And you should have the option to amend your service offering as the airport expands. Find a partner with a flexible approach to providing service and you will be ready to adapt as passenger volumes fluctuate and grow and security threats evolve.