Opportunities to learn, improve and grow

Nicolo Gattullo’s successful career path through the Smiths Detection service organisation

During the interview for his role as a Field Service Technician, Nicolo Gattullo was made aware that Smiths Detection is a company which encourages and nurtures career development. That was in 2006 and by 2017 Nicolo had worked his way to Service & Aftermarket Director, Italy and had become a member of the Italian entity board, based in Milan.

“When I joined the company, I’m not sure I understood how quickly you can progress when you have the motivation to drive yourself,” explained Nicolo. “Smiths Detection, and indeed the broader Smiths Group, offer great opportunities to learn, improve and grow.” 

An exciting path

In 2006, Nicolo was a young and enthusiastic part of the field service team based in Bari in Southern Italy. Having come from a small local company, he was keen to discover what a multi-national enterprise could offer. Within a couple of years, Nicolo had become a cargo inspection system specialist; and by 2009 moved to a newly opened Rome office as Team Leader for central Italy. In 2011, Nicolo was appointed to the role of Service Manager, Italy – a position which became vacant due to an internal reorganisation.

Service Manager became Service & Aftermarket Director, Italy in 2017 which involves developing not only the service function but all aspects of the Italian business. 

The first responders

A product life cycle of 10 years or more makes aftermarket service a crucial function. Managing the quality and life of the equipment ensures customers get a full return on investment (ROI). It is a very customer facing role and when help is needed, the first responders come from this team!

“One thing I really love about my job, is the people,” added Nicolo. “I work with some extraordinarily talented colleagues and I do believe we have several geniuses within the company. I enjoy interacting with everyone around me and feel that really helps you to grow – both individually and together. Any role in Smiths Detection allows you to connect and learn from so many different people.

Nicolo believes managing many relationships within the company and with customers is an important skill when working in service. It is important to engage with all the stakeholders, remain open minded and see situations from a different perspective – teamwork is the key to success.

“My Smiths Detection journey is far from over and who knows where it may lead me next. I think my experiences are a clear example of how those who want to bring added value to the company will be rewarded with a positive career path,” concluded Nicolo.