Making sure checkpoints reach their full potential

AVAILABLE NOW: Checkpoint.Evoplus advanced screening and management platform

Designed to support next-generation checkpoint X-ray screening equipment, Checkpoint.Evoplus holds the key to ensuring these evolving solutions reach their full performance potential.  This sophisticated software integrates an increasingly wide range of devices and sensors to help increase passenger throughput; optimise resources; reduce operational costs; and raise security levels – and also offers exciting possibilities for networking national and international airports.

Integration is undoubtedly the way forward for optimising security effectiveness and also future proofing.  Checkpoint.Evoplus takes a collection of individual components and sensors and transforms them into a single, cohesive and intelligent solution, producing invaluable operational data and supporting new functions such as centralised screening and directed search. 

Networked images can be collected from all security lanes and delivered to a team of operators based in a remote location away from the distractions of the busy checkpoint.  Suspicious areas are marked and classified on the images so staff know exactly where to focus secondary inspections. 

In addition, the new advanced screening and management platform makes it easy to monitor key performance indicators and share information via a central dashboard, which can be accessed from mobile devices.   It provides the real-time data needed to support instant decisions on resource allocation; identifies bottlenecks in the screening process; and also generates the historical data and reports required for resource planning and general administration.

Checkpoint.Evoplus was developed to meet the latest regulations from ECAC, TSA, CAAC and other authorities; and was the first solution for multiplexed image analysis to receive the French STAC certification.  It is 2D and 3D X-ray image ready and completely vendor-independent, with an open interface which supports third-party devices, technology and lanes.