Live checkpoint passenger flow data

Now available for integration into Checkpoint.Evoplus

In the wake of COVID-19, operational efficiency has become even more critical for airports – accelerating the adoption of any way to reduce expenditure and optimise resources. In support of these objectives, Smiths Detection has expanded the capabilities of its’ Checkpoint.Evoplus screening and management solution to include live passenger flow data provided by queue management technology. Real-time information on passenger flow during the security screening process generates insights which are key to operational planning and decisions such as how, when, and where to deploy staff, or whether an additional checkpoint should be opened.

This development grew out of a recent project with a major international airport to deliver unprecedented levels of security, efficiency, and customer service by installing innovative screening technology – including queue impact calculations and modelling at the security checkpoint.

Valuable new insights

The passenger flow data points integrated into Checkpoint.Evoplus will track passenger activity and deliver dynamic operator insights such as:

  • Queue lengths: how many passengers are queuing at each security checkpoint lane?
  • Waiting times: how long is the wait before screening starts?
  • Process times: from divest to reclaim, how long does the overall process take?
  • Passenger volume: when are the peaks and troughs?
  • Resource application: which checkpoint areas are under- or over-utilised?
  • Performance: how are specific checkpoint processes and bottlenecks performing?

Checkpoint.Evoplus creates one intelligent network using a universal interface to connect vendor agnostic checkpoint components such as tray return systems, shoe scanners, metal detector archways and people screening systems. It analyses data from various systems and sensors across the entire network to generate a full range of valuable insights. This data makes it easy to monitor performance metrics in real-time for faster and better decision-making and hence achieve the highest levels of both security and efficiency.

All Checkpoint.Evoplus capabilities are continuously developed and real-time information on expected passenger volumes will be combined with existing checkpoint operations KPIs. This will allow, for example, the system to predict how many open lanes and staff are needed; and generally deliver more accurate and relevant operational data.

Airports with a queue management system in place can now easily integrate passenger flow data into both existing and new Checkpoint.Evoplus applications. Submit the below form to speak to one of our experts about the benefits this solution can deliver to you.