90 seconds with Yeap Hooi Teng

Meet Yeap Hooi Teng, Black Belt based at Smiths Detection Malaysia.

You’re a Smiths Detection Black Belt, can you explain what that involves?

As a black belt, my role is to lead and manage project teams to help achieve the strategic business priorities of the organization. I also coach others to ensure strong project attainment in a timely fashion and serve as an SES ambassador by supporting deployment, sharing best practice, and training.

How has your career developed and what have you learned along the way?

I joined Smiths Detection in 2015 as a project engineer and was given the opportunity to be a Smiths Excellence System (SES*) practitioner in early 2016.  This is an important milestone in my career as I learned the importance of continuous improvement and how it impacts people, processes, and businesses. Through this, I have gained valuable lessons in understanding the importance of internal and external team collaboration to improve process efficiency and effectiveness, learning, and growing together. Working together with members from diverse backgrounds helps widen my exposure to various projects within the business and helps me understand the operation processes better. 

What is your favourite part of your role?

I like to explore the possibilities and work with colleagues across regions. This keeps me inspired with ideas for continuous improvement. Its satisfying when employees use SES tools in daily tasks. The study and understanding of these cases create synergy and motivates me to develop myself and others.

What makes you proud to work at Smiths Detection?

I enjoy caring for employees and see them succeed with various training & opportunities. Focus on customer needs and giving back to the local communities and social responsibilities.

Making the world a safer place is important today. As global interaction today is more frequent, we have been alerting to higher awareness of safety first, and data protection. Whenever we observe a potential hazard, we shall highlight it at its earliest and perform risk mitigation.

What is something about the Smiths Detection culture you enjoy?

It’s the flexibility, inclusion and diversity that support global teamwork. During Covid, when I had to work from home, I could still stay connected with colleagues despite the distance and get the work done.  


*The Smiths Excellence System (SES) is an operating model through which make improvement that help us fulfil our vision and strategy.