How to protect employees and citizens by creating a safer public environment

Hotels, stadiums and concert venues are increasing their investment in security operations and equipment in order to better protect employees and visitors, and provide a more satisfying customer experience.

Why invest in screening and detection security?

Recent events have made enhanced security and screening a key priority to protect hospitality and entertainment venues.

Keep your visitors, employees, and facility safe from harm
Proactively secure site vulnerabilities and screen for threats
Ensure staff is trained and your security operations are efficient

In a screening and detection report commissioned* by Smiths Detection for the hospitality industry, only 25% of respondents said they screened visitor’s belongings.

*Frost & Sullivan reference

However, 45% of organisations plan to purchase security screening equipment in the next couple of years

The key driver for companies who have deployed or planning to deploy a detection system, is to protect employees and help create a safe work environment.

What end users are tying to protect:

Protect Employees79%
Protect Citizens67%
Ensure continuity of operations64%
Protect Customers63%

The top risks that companies are trying to prevent

Risk to public health & safety58%
Disruption of service39%
Organised Crime30%

of companies with a security need are looking to detect weapons

This will become even more important as risks from low metallic firearms and other weapons become a greater threat to operations

What are the major Detection Targets?

Our solutions are designed with reliability and user-friendliness in mind.

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Present use of threat detection systems in the hospitality industry

People Screening: Metal Detector
People Screening: X-Ray Based
X-Ray Systems: Screening Belongings
X-Ray Systems: Screening Vehicles
Explosive Detection
Narcotics Detection
Radiation Detection
CWA Detection/Identification
Video Analytics and/or Biometrics

Hospitality companies are planning to increase the number of security equipment they use by 1.5% in the near future

It’s all about security, not revenue. The key benefits of deploying security equipment in the hospitality industry.

Security systems deyployed provide a positive effect on guests, clients and the organisation. People are more comfortable in a secure envoronment.

Safety has a positive impact on the number of students.

Protect your customers and your brand

People want to feel secure when enjoying their leisure time. Whether staying in a hotel, attending a concert venue or watching a sporting event, the knowledge that their safety is a top priority adds to the overall satisfaction of their customer experience. Our products and solutions are designed to meet your needs and requirements including a long product life, ease-of-use, and low maintenance – enabling you to maintain an efficient security process. Sign-up below to stay up-to-date with relevant hospitality security news, whitepapers and case studies from Smiths Detection.

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