Delivering optimum protection and security for the lifetime of your equipment

Smiths Detection’s technology form part of high-level security operations for critical infrastructure and business across the globe, producing specialised and highly sensitive data – the integrity of which is critical.

Safeguarding our technology and our customer’s operations against cyber threats is of vital importance and something we consider throughout the entire lifetime of Smiths Detection technology. Smiths Detection equipment is equipped with advanced cyber security measures and are commitment to continued security updates to ensure protection against new threats as they emerge and as technology ages and seek. We work closely with customer to help ensure that equipment is operated in cyber secure environments and offer continued upgrades to maintain defence against cyber threat.

Committed to exceptional cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is part of our culture, policies, and ways of work


All solutions are developed utilising the latest best practices


Frequent vulnerability scans of software releases


Quarterly software updates available as a service


Rigorous internal procedures and a cybersecurity culture

Cyber hardened and protected

Smiths Detection combines the best technologies and most stringent security practices to produce cyber hardened solutions and protect products throughout their entire lifecycle. New products are designed, analysed and tested by experts with both new and existing software frequently checked for vulnerabilities. Where necessary, the latest security patches and changes are swiftly implemented.

Software Maintenance as a Service

To help customers maintain maximum levels of cybersecurity, the Smiths Detection subscription service delivers quarterly software updates. Installation of the most recent software versions enables a speedy resolution to security incidents and minimises disruption to operations. Regular updating not only futureproofs system security, but also minimises vulnerability and limits potential cyber attacks.

Rigorous internal procedures

Cybersecurity is embedded in Smiths Detection policies and processes and is integral to our product design principles. ISO 27001 certification and annual audits ensure we consistently adhere to the highest information security standards. We follow practices recommended by current key cybersecurity legal and regulatory bodies; and stay informed of any developments from the world’s national cybersecurity agencies.

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Cybersecurity at Smiths Detection

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