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Inspiring the next generation of Engineers through apprenticeship

As part of the UK Apprenticeship Week , we wanted to speak with one of our team members who works closely with apprentices to find out what drives them. For over seven years, Iasonas Christou, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, based on our Hemel site, has worked closely with engineering apprentices t train, inspire and set them up for a successful career – on top of his day job!

Launching a science career

Taking a laboratory science apprenticeship at Smiths Detection was the perfect opportunity for Billy Hopkins – a chance to get hands-on training and experience with an established company operating in an interesting sector and, at the same time, study for a degree. And he is loving it...

Building a career and a safer world…

An interview with Alexandra Seifert, Product Manager, Aviation Checkpoint Solutions on how her career has changed at Smiths Detection and the incredible technology she is helping to develop.

Driven by a passion for technology

Shyamlee Bhambore joined Smiths Detection in September 2020 as a Senior Engineering Manager based in Bangalore, India. Right from her first interview, Shyamlee was fascinated by the technology surrounding security screening and threat detection – so much so, she decided to start researching the subject regardless of whether she was offered a job!

Finding the right career path at Smiths Detection

When Ziad Fraiwat joined Smiths Detection in 2017 as Middle East Service Director, he was keen to take advantage of the opportunities for career progression – and, in 2020, has already achieved promotion to Regional Service Director APAC & ME.

Protecting team members at our manufacturing sites

At Smiths Detection, safety comes first. Always. So when COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, we were sure to introduce measures to keep our team members safe, no matter where they were.

Part of the team

A part of Smiths Group, when Smiths Medical needed support to build ventilators early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Smiths Detection team members were ready to help.

Service teams shows commitment to customer care during COVID-19 crisis

Our dedicated field service engineers have continued to support our customers in the field during the COVID crisis. In this story we recognise their commitment.

Delivering service excellence to every client

Smiths Detection provide service excellence and customer care to every customer, helping to ensure the upkeep of our solutions and your operations moving. In this Insight, Jeffery Goh writes about building familiarity and trust as part of providing excellent customer care.

An Interns perspective: My time at Smiths Detection

Technical writing intern, Adrianna Burton, shares her experience as an intern at Smiths Detection.

Excellence for customer and team

Service excellence is about building trust in relationships, with your customer and your team. Somphob Boonpeng, Assistant Service Manager share how for them – service excellence means serving the people.

Stepping up to the challenge of global mobility

Since his first foray into science and technology at a young age, Jethesh Prabhakaran had always been fascinated by how the world worked.

“We live in a technological world, and its complexity continues to throw up challenges that require answers

Deep learning at Smiths Detection

As we embrace our digital transformation, deep learning is set to become an important feature of Smiths Detection’s future product design. In this interview, we spoke with Software Engineer, Geert Heilmann, a leading member of the team involved in our deep learning research about why Smiths Detection is taking this path.

What it means to be a woman in engineering

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), only 10-20% of the global engineering workforce is female.

The World Economic Forum attributes this phenomenon to the low number

Applying ownership, customer focus and passion – every day

In this insight, field service engineer Sophian Sukiono writes about how he and his team apply the Smiths Way values to their work across the Asia-Pacific region.

As a field service engineer (FSE), I’m part of Smiths Detection’s frontline team – working to make sure

Safeguarding our communities

At Smiths Detection we’re driven by a set of values that both reflect and define what we do and how we work. Examples of our values can be seen in our day-to-day activities and in our dealings with customers. Two of these values, customer focus and passion, are particularly clear in our work relating to the potentially lethal drug fentanyl.