Anti-Modern Slavery

Smiths Group plc and its subsidiary companies are committed to upholding high ethical standards wherever we operate around the world. This commitment includes maintaining all internationally-recognised human rights, such as the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and ensuring our operations and supply chains are free of human trafficking and slavery. It applies whether we are acting through our employees or third parties. We require any individual or entity acting on our behalf to know, understand and abide by the laws and regulations applicable to their conduct. This includes employees, agents, distributors, and other third party representatives. The Smiths Group Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement sets out steps taken by Smiths Group and its subsidiaries (including Smiths Detection Group Limited, Smiths Detection Limited and Smiths Detection-Watford Limited) during the year ending 31 July 2018 to address modern slavery trafficking in its business and supply chains.

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