Food safety

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Food processors cannot compromise on safety.  A robust environmental monitoring program will help to ensure a facility remains free of harmful bacteria that can contaminate products and result in expensive recalls and foodborne illness among consumers.

To ensure a healthy end-product and compete with other food and beverage brands, companies need effective and affordable screening tools that provide accurate results, and the speed needed to keep lines moving and shipments on time.

With CANARY technology, Smiths Detection delivers the most innovative, rapid and cost effective solutions to screen and protect against dangerous pathogens that are common contaminates of concern in food-processing environments.

Listeria identification

The CANARY® Listeria Assay allows for unparalleled detection of low levels of Listeria spp. in minutes.

The Listeria CANARY® assay was evaluated and approved by the AOAC Performance Tested MethodsSM (PTM) Program and awarded certification number 122005 for use with the Zephyr pathogen identifier. The evaluation consisted of PTM Program parameters such as robustness, product consistency, stability, instrument variation and matrix studies.

The Listeria CANARY assay is approved for environmental swabs (1” x 1”) from Stainless Steel (type 304 #4 finish), Stainless Steel (18 GA 300 series, brush finish, NSF certified), plastic (HDPE), rubber (Silicone FDA-grade), and sprout irrigation water (25 mL).

Assay Specifications:

Diagnostic Limit of Detection: 1 Colony Forming Unit (CFU)
Analytical Limit of Detection: 10,000 Colony Forming Units (CFU)
Time to Results: < 10 minutes

Zephyr benefits


Results in ten minutes


Genus-level detection


Sensitive, early detection


Environmental monitoring and sprout irrigation


The detector provides rapid, portable detection capability for biothreats and foodborne pathogens in liquid and powder samples