Light weight medium energy portal system

Feature Highlights

• The smallest portal scanner available using a 4MeV accelerator
• Designed for ease of use in confined spaces
• Relocatable
• Superior image quality
• Steel penetration up to 195mm
• Safe, with no radioactive source
• Reduced need for manual inspection
• Throughput of up to 80 in pass-through

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Product Information


The HCVP e series is based on a powerful, compact, lightweight, fully integrated screening platform, ideal for inspecting complete trucks, containers and  vehicles. It reduces the need for manual inspection by verifying manifests and checking for threats such as explosives, narcotics, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and contraband.

The HCVP e35D model is optimised to screen passenger occupied vehicles.

This robust system offers up to 195mm of steel penetration without a radioactive source, whilst delivering a high throughput of up to 80 trucks per hour.

The compact and modular design offers excellent installation flexibility as it can be relocated within few days. Designed as a standalone unit, the HCVP e series has minimal external infrastructure requirements.

High quality image analysis is delivered via the latest CargoVision TM software platform. If required, further enhancements are available with the addition of iCmore technology; or other options such as Radioactive Material Detection.

Technical Specification:

Nominal energy
Scanning height
330mm to 4.5m (13 inch to 14.75ft)
Minimum crew required
1 image operator /1 traffic marshal

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