Centralized and secure data solution for all HCV systems

Included in all Smiths Detection HCV systems, DMS is a powerful and flexible server for the storage of data and files from inspected cargo from any of our HCV solutions.
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Product Information


DMS is a powerful and flexible server, for the storage of data and files from inspected cargo, for all our HCV solutions.

DMS provides the user with the ability to view check-in cargo, view archived cargo data, analyse or compare images, export and exchange all cargo data, video and communication in order to optimize the throughput of HCV systems. All data interchanges are secured by cryptography algorithms, SSL protocols, and firewall protection.

Information can be accessed securely and remotely from any location (via LAN or internet connection). The ability to analyse X-ray images, check-in cargo and manage/analyse statistics remotely provides valuable support to local teams and, in some cases, removes the need for local operators altogether.

Featured Highlights

• Single centralized storage for all data from inspected cargo
• Centralized image analysis for each connected HCV system via remote pool of operators
• Communicates with all HCV products in any location via dedicated IP network
• Can connect to any custom network via electronic data interchange
• High storage capacity – from 4TB to 192TB
• Firewall-protected