Advanced preventive maintenance

Feature Highlights

• Maximizes up-time for equipment
• Shortens mean time to repair
• Increases the overall reliability and efficiency of your equipment

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Turn break-fix emergencies into routine preventive maintenance tasks and drive more value throughout the life of your airport screening equipment with CORAL, our advanced predictive-analytics suite. With diagnostic tools and sensors in place, machines with CORAL installed automatically transmit data that proprietary algorithms analyse to provide recommended actions. When systems reach key performance thresholds, CORAL automatically issues preventive maintenance tickets, allowing repairs to be proactively planned and scheduled to avoid any detrimental impact on airport operations.

CORAL remotely collects and analyses performance data to monitor and identify pending component or part failures before they occur. With this analytics suite, field-service teams can better serve their customers, preventing unplanned system downtime and creating convenient maintenance scheduling – you can thus improve operational availability.

A pre-emptive approach to services and repair, designed to prolong equipment life and deliver a strong return on investment – CORAL is ready to work for you.

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