Digital solutions

Software and Networking Solutions designed to improve operations and enhance screening.

Organic/inorganic material discrimination
Imaging software that provides organic/inorganic material discrimination, and colour differentiation between inspected objects.
Advanced screening and management platform
Checkpoint.Evoplus helps individual components and sensors that are typically unable to communicate with each other and transforms them into a single, integrated and intelligent solution to advance the efficiency of your checkpoint.
Advanced preventive maintenance
CORAL turns break-fix emergencies into routine preventive maintenance for airport screening equipment with an advanced predictive analytics suite.
Web-based system-management platform
Brings mobility, flexibility, cost reduction and IT security to those, responsible for managing security checkpoints, explosive detections systems or any other Smiths Detection sensor product.
MatriX Server
System management and image distribution system
Connecting X-ray units and operator workstations, the MatriX Server helps to manage the distribution of images and results within a multi-level X-ray network.
3D & 2D analyst and recheck workstation
incent.view workstations allow the review and analysis of X-ray images from all Smiths Detection HiTraX based X-ray systems.
Archives, tracks, and retrieves screening results
A networking solution that enhances Smiths HI-SCAN X-ray and IONSCAN 500DT trace detection screening capabilities.
Networking systems
MUX links the CTX systems with user and control interfaces for remote screening of checked baggage.
Detailed-analysis software platform
Included in all Smiths Detection HCV systems, DaiSy gives operators access to customizable image treatments and comparison tools, for the rapid interpretation of images and verification of cargo.
Automated threat/target identification software
Included in all Smiths Detection HCV systems, the iCMORE software suite reduces the burden on operators – and potential errors – by automating the detection process for suspicious items within inspected cargo.
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