Join us October 26th at the Florida Blueberry Grower’s Associations Fall Meeting!

Pathsensors, Inc will be sponsoring the Florida Blueberry Growers Association Fall Meeting and Tradeshow this upcoming week in Plant City, Florida. This October 26th Event brings together Blueberry Growers from around the state of Florida and the country.

Florida is a key leader in the blueberry industry due to its ability to produce fruit throughout the longest growing season: from March through May. Florida is also capable of producing blueberries earlier in the season than any other location in the world.While this makes the Florida Blueberry Growers incredibly competitive within the industry, it also makes the blueberry plants susceptible to a wide range of diseases, and the latest in this onslaught of plant pathogens are Ralstonia and Phytophthora. This event brings together growers and subject matter experts to help mitigate these risks.

PathSensors has worked with University of Florida researchers in developing both Ralstonia and Phytophthora biosensors for blueberries. Through this development, PathSensors will equip farmers to test and prevent pathogens from damaging their crop.