Optimising Advanced Lanes

lane c 2017

The very first Advanced Lanes are now up and running at airports across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific – but how do we ensure this exciting new technology reaches its full potential?


Advanced Lanes can significantly increase speed and throughput and help the meet the demands for higher security and greater operational efficiency. To fully optimise checkpoint performance, passenger and tray flow must be kept in harmony and this requires a deep understanding (and control) of the overall process.  Planning is key and simulation software is a great way to gain insight into potential passenger and tray flows for a variety of scenarios and lane setups.


Over the coming months, we will be taking a closer look at everything from what needs to be considered during the assessment phase; to introducing new functions such as remote, central screening; and the fundamental role software plays in helping to ensure Advanced Lanes reach their full performance potential.


Watch this space for more on this fascinating topic.