Supporting you to achieve your security and operational objectives.
Smiths Detection has worked with the military for over 50 years, gaining significant insight into the needs of armed forces, as well as experience in applying smart science at the frontline. Our low maintenance and reliable equipment produces accurate, in-real-time information about traces of explosives or other suspect materials on people, packages, vehicles or surfaces.
Base & Site Security
Military bases and other high-security government installations need reliable equipment to secure infrastructures to keep personnel and equipment safe. Checkpoint, vehicle, cargo and perimeter screening solutions provide confidence, so military personnel can focus on their mission.
Narcotic and Explosive Detection
Solutions that aid in the interception of explosives and narcotics are mission-critical. Whether in a "hot-zone", at a checkpoint, or at a border crossing – Smiths Detection holds the deep programme expertise needed to assist forces with their most challenging requirements.
Chemical and Radiation Detection
Smiths Detection possesses project and engineering expertise to transform laboratory science into fast, accurate and in-theatre solutions to detect, identify and analyse chemical, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats as well as contraband.
Cargo & Vehicle Inspection
Screening, trace, identification and software solutions for inspecting containers, vehicles, people and their belongings for explosives, narcotics, contraband, and other dangerous/illegal material – an integrated approach to security which aids forces in high-priority missions.

Baggage Screening

Checkpoint baggage screening solutions to detect hidden and prohibited items.
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Mail, Parcel & Freight

X-ray inspection systems for mail, parcel and freight of all sizes.
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People Screening

Convenient, non-invasive detection of weapons, contraband and illegal materials hidden in-or-on a person.
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Explosive & Narcotic Trace Detection

Top-of-the-range solutions to detect trace amounts of explosives, narcotics and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) in secondary or tertiary screening.
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Mobile Screening Solutions

X-ray solutions designed for moving to wherever detection is required.
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Light Vehicle Screening

Light Vehicle Screening Solutions with high-thorough to allow to minimise distrubtion.
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