Keeping visitors safe from COVID-19 at hotel events

The BioFlash® is a portable, bio-aerosol collection and identification system that provides an accurate, cost-effective biological sampling, and identification solution for environmental monitoring. Collect air samples from a space to determine if the SARS-CoV-2 virus is present in your environment. Detect and identify low levels of COVID-19 in under five minutes with no lab analysis necessary.

Stay Safe. Test your Space for COVID-19 and Known Variants

The hotel industry has experienced significant impacts resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, losing profit from lack of travellers as well as cancellations events of all sizes. As part of getting back to business safely, event managers need to both earn the confidence of guests and execute the highest standards to protect and communicate with their stakeholders.

Use Case

In this scenario, a major hotel brand was preparing for an event. With an estimated 3,000 guests planned for, management needed a mitigation plan to help protect guests, vendors  and staff from the risk of COVID-19 exposure.  Their plan also needed to assure people that management was prepared to alert stakeholders in the event COVID-19 was detected.

As part of their mitigation strategy, a Smiths Detection BioFlash device was deployed to monitor the air for the presence of the COVID-19 virus one day before and during the day  of the event.

Before the Event

Prior to the day of the event, various staff and vendors entered and exited the main event area, a 30,000 square foot meeting space, to prepare it for the following day. All individuals were masked while in the space.

Due to the large size of the space, management decided to sample its air for eight hours. After eight hours of sampling, negative results were read onsite, in under five minutes, which enabled security and management to inform guests that they were walking into a space that had been monitored for COVID-19, which was not detected.

Event Day

On the day of the event, the BioFlash was placed in the lobby area, a 2,000 square foot space. Guests and staff used this area, not only for entry and exit, but also for breaks and refreshments.  Although guests had to show proof of vaccination, as well as remain masked for the majority of the event, management elected to conduct a seven hour air collection with the BioFlash, which accounted for the duration of the day’s agenda.

As soon as the day adjourned, BioFlash results were read onsite again in under five minutes. Results for the event day were negative as well, further allowing hotel management to build confidence in both their COVID-19 mitigation strategy and among other event organizers that large events can take place at their facility with the proper safety plan in place. In the event COVID-19 was detected, Hotel management and event planners were prepared to contact individuals who had indicated that wanted to be alerted in the event the virus was detected.