Excellence for customers and team

Service Manager in the field

When it comes to service excellence at Smiths Detection, it’s all about the relationships. For Country Service Manager, Somphob Boonpeng, building customer relationships is an important part of to achieving success across a number of customers in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

It’s about relationships

“As the service team, we have to treat the customer like family and put ourselves in their shoes,” says Somphob. “Our genuine sincerity towards the customer has to come through in our advice and our service. This is how we can continue to build the customer relationship.”

Just delivering a quality product with the highest level of service excellence is not enough. Service teams need to truly invest in building up relationships not only with the customer but also with one another within the team.

“We make sure we are consistently checking in on our customers,” Somphob continues. “We constantly ensure their satisfaction with our products and service. Service excellence means not waiting until our customer needs to look for us to provide our help.”

Safety first. Always.

For Somphob, service excellence isn’t always about the customer, it’s also about ensuring the service team is well provided for. As service team leads, both say ensuring the team’s safety is paramount.

“I always remind each of my team members to be conscious of what they are doing, what they’re about to do and to be cautious at all times,” says Somphob. “If they encounter an issue that is beyond them, they are to check in with their respective supervisors and not attempt to resolve things on their own. For us, safety is of the highest importance.”

Through the purchase of a Smiths Detection solution, a customer has put their trust in our hands. Our commitment is to maintain this trust by complementing an excellent product with equally excellent standards of after-sales service as well.

Somphob and his team have a service excellence mindset, by following their good example, service teams can demonstrate why relationships at Smiths Detection are built on trust.