Driven by keeping people safe

“There are many jobs out there which don’t connect to a bigger purpose but at Smiths Detection that never crosses your mind. You get up each morning knowing you are part of a team delivering extraordinary technology and contributing to a safer world.” Allison Phillips, Product Marketing Manager. 

A summer internship during college convinced Allision Phillips that she would one day love to work full time at Smiths Detection. She had initially studied Biology but switched to Marketing – achieving post-graduate qualifications in Product Marketing from Cornell University. This led to an approach from Smiths Detection to permanently join the team at its Biotechnology Center of Excellence in Baltimore, Maryland.

“At the time, I was employed elsewhere and wasn’t actively looking to change jobs but I could not let this opportunity pass me by. I just knew it was the right thing to do. It’s a privilege to work on projects which will help protect society – for example, the BioFlash® Biological Identifier which detects many different airborne viruses, toxins, bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.” 

Although the science is quite complex, the BioFlash® itself is extremely easy to use and therefore suitable for many different sectors, ranging from hospitals to government and corporate buildings, sport centres or entertainment complexes.

Learning something new every day

In her product marketing role, Allison explores new and potentially untapped markets for BioFlash® and other products, such as an environment testing device for the food industry. She collaborates with various departments in Baltimore and other Smiths Detection facilities, gleaning insights from the scientists, software and mechanical engineers and development teams, working together to meet industry demand for evolving technologies and products.

“We are a relatively small group in Baltimore, all with different backgrounds and expertise and supporting each other however we can. Brainstorming new ideas and reimagining past suggestions, keeps thing alive, fast moving and exciting. It pushes me out of my comfort zone and challenges how I would normally approach a problem or question. I am on a continuous learning curve.”

Allison has always been eager to know more about the science and engineering aspect and believes the interest comes naturally when you get involved with the subject and the products. “Whenever I talk to people outside of the company about my job, they always think it sounds very cool and interesting with or without a scientific background. What we do is amazing and speaks for itself.” 

An empowering culture

Bringing diverse groups of people together, generates different ideas from different perspectives. Everyone is striving to take technology and products to the next level. Allison always feels heard, respected and included in this innovative environment.

”It’s an empowering culture where everyone is accepted. This encourages me to absorb as much information as possible and keep growing as a person and as a professional. My goal is to one day manage my own successful team and give back some of the knowledge I’ve acquired along the way.”