Applying ownership, customer focus and passion – every day

In this insight, field service engineer Sophian Sukiono writes about how he and his team apply the Smiths Way values to their work across the Asia-Pacific region.

As a field service engineer (FSE), I’m part of Smiths Detection’s frontline team – working to make sure our technology keeps delivering exactly what our customers expect and keeping downtime as low as possible. So, I apply the Smiths Way ‘Customer Focus’ value every day. And the other values I identify in our FSE team’s day-to-day activities are ‘Ownership’ – making and keeping commitments – and ‘Passion’ – learning and innovating together to deliver excellence and to win.

All the Smiths Way values intersect, but these are my top three. When they come together, they bring results.

I have a recent example of this:

I’m based in Singapore, and a few months ago I was working with a customer in Indonesia who had recently purchased one of our walk-through detection solutions. They had bought it locally and were having it installed by a contractor who, unfortunately, damaged a component after connecting it incorrectly, which meant that the equipment reported a lot of faults and errors.

On top of this, the customer had learned that a local official wanted to come and see the product demonstrated, which created a lot of extra stress. The local sales manager contacted me for support and over the phone I was able to quickly identify the issue and provide a solution. In this case, they simply needed a new part. But things are rarely simple, and the part would not have arrived before the official visit.

Solution: To get the part delivered and installed in the shortest amount of time, we flew the part directly from Singapore to our Indonesian distributor who made sure that it was installed correctly. We were lucky to have spares readily available at our site. In addition, to make sure everything went right for the customer on the day of the demonstration, I flew over for the event to be on standby should any issues come up – but none did!

This is just one example of the FSE team’s owning our promises, finding solutions and working together to meet customer needs. It also demonstrates how much passion our team has for our products and customers. On this occasion, I could not have been prouder of my team and to work for Smiths Detection.



Sophian Suki’ono
Sophian Suki’ono

Sophian Bin Suki’ono is a field service engineer and depot team lead for Smiths Detection Singapore. Currently based in Singapore supporting APAC region, he joined the team in 2016.