Detecting Early Talent

Nurturing tomorrow’s most valuable assets

At Smiths Detection, we’re proud to help nurture young talent, whether they’re working STEM, HR, finance, service, operations, or any other part of the company. And we’re excited by the fresh perspective and new, exciting ideas that people in their early careers can bring to our business and culture.

Globally, we operate several programmes designed to embrace, nurture and convert early talent including both high school and graduate internships; graduate trainees; and degree apprenticeships. We also support key scholarship schemes and STEM initiatives to introduce teenagers to the world of technology and engineering. Here we profile four people in their early careers about the opportunity at Smiths Detection.

Manoj Preetham

Intern and subsequently graduate engineering trainee, Bangalore

Towards the end of his degree course in technology and computer science, Manoj was searching for the right opportunity in the workplace. He spotted an opening at Smiths Detection and although it had already been filled, he was invited to apply for a six month internship. This led to a permanent position as a graduate engineering trainee.

“Taking the internship was the best decision I ever made and it totally exceeded my expectations. I learnt more in six months than throughout my whole degree course. At all times I have felt welcomed, supported and valued. Knowing there are many career options to explore within the company, I jumped at the chance of a permanent position starting initially as a trainee. Keen to work in the office rather than at home, I moved to Bangalore. Now I have found a new home and really feel part of the team. I’m aiming high and determined to progress within the company – after all, one of the Smiths Detection Global Directors also started as a graduate trainee. The sky is the limit!” 

Hareem Khalid
Service Intern, Dubai

After graduating with a BSc in Aviation Management, Hareem spotted an advertisement for internships at Smiths Detection on the university portal. She was particularly interested in focusing on the service function and was accepted as a service intern.

“As Smiths Detection is heavily involved in aviation, this was a perfect opportunity to get into both the industry and my chosen specialism. It was an amazing experience and completely unlike other internships I have tried. I learnt more than I could have imagined and discovered so many different aspects of service and other departments. It was very hands on and I was able to apply my theory to several functions. I love to learn and everyone was so nice and willing to spend time teaching me. From day one, I felt a valued member of the team, in an extremely positive, diverse and very inclusive environment. I am now sure that service and operations is where I want to be and I would love to pursue a career with Smiths Detection after my internship.”

Julian Samaha

Logistics Intern, Dubai

Finding few opportunities within his preferred aviation industry, Julian decided to expand sideways and is currently studying for a Masters degree in supply chain management. He found out about Smiths Detection internships via the university career services and felt this would be a good way to start gaining operational experience.

“From the outset, I felt very welcome. Everyone seems excited when new people join and that creates an incredibly motivating environment with a great vibe. I’ve learned much from the experiences, knowledge and mistakes of others and discovered the flexible career options – many people start in one area at Smiths Detection and end up in another. Always pushing to be better and better, I was looking for the biggest head start I could find and luckily, I found Smiths Detection. Hopefully, I will get a permanent position here and take that next big step towards success. An amazing university professor once told me, when you’re young, you can afford to change, rotate and learn and I look forward to exploring areas linked to supply chain and logistics.”  

Farhaan Badat 

Laboratory Scientist Apprentice, UK

Farhaan discovered degree apprenticeships via his high school careers advisor. He was interested in studying medicine or bio medical sciences but for an apprenticeship, was looking at any STEM based opportunities. Laboratory Scientist seemed to fit the bill and he was excited at the thought of joining a company which makes a difference and keeps people safe.

“I had no idea degree apprenticeships existed and for me it was the perfect combination. It lasts for five years and includes a BSc in Applied Chemical Sciences from the University of Kent. One day a week is spent studying and the rest is hands on training. Starting was daunting but I was given a warm welcome and found that people are always willing to help each other. It’s a very positive environment- I even had the chance to give a trace detector demo to Paul Keel the Smiths Group CEO and he was very encouraging. My aim is to successfully complete the apprenticeship and stay on with the company. I’m very interested in branching out into different departments and my line managers support the idea of broadening my experience.”