Countdown to Standard 3

Passenger travel and air cargo volumes are increasing rapidly and so are security threats. New regulations require more powerful and intelligent systems to detect a wider range of substances and dangerous goods – wherever they might be hiding. There is also a demand for increased efficiencies realised by reducing false alarm rates.  Consequently, hold baggage screening (HBS) is in a transformative phase as airports upgrade to ECAC Standard 3 approved explosives detection systems (EDS).

Time is running out with deadlines for Standard 3 compliance fast approaching: 2018 in the UK, followed by 2020 for the rest of Europe or 2022 in special circumstances. Smiths Detection has already helped some of the busiest airports in the world and also many smaller airports to make the transition and, based on this experience, we have put together a step-by-step guide to the key phases in converting to Standard 3. Particularly suitable for larger airports, it covers everything from defining the process parameters and technology requirements to installation and training.

Airports of all sizes will also find our Best Practice Guide very insightful. It highlights the lessons learned in the UK and which key factors have made all the difference – with examples and comments from various airports which have already completed the transition to Standard 3.

Find out more about transitioning to Standard 3 and check out both guides now!