CORAL launched at Inter Airport

CORAL, Smiths Detection’s industry-leading preventative-maintenance solution, was launched this week at the Inter Airport Expo in Munich.

Initial field tests of Detection’s latest digital offering have already proven its ability to reduce hold-baggage systems’ operational downtime by an impressive 75 per cent.

Utilising the latest in advanced predictive analytics and secure remote-communication connections, CORAL taps into data typically overlooked by other software solutions or manual inspection to provide preventive-maintenance tickets that allow repairs to be proactively scheduled.

Using diagnostic tools and sensors, hold-baggage systems with CORAL installed automatically transmit data that proprietary algorithms analyse and use to recommend actions that can reduce or eliminate impact on airport operations.

CORAL can be accessed remotely with any web-connected device via a performance dashboard, allowing information to be closely monitored at all times from anywhere.

The digital technology is available to airports now to be integrated into existing systems.

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