Further STAC approval for Checkpoint.Evoplus

The latest version of Smiths Detection’s Checkpoint.Evoplus software solution has been certified by STAC for use at French airports. It was the first solution for multiplexed image analysis to receive official approval from the French civil aviation authority technical centre. An advanced screening and management platform, Checkpoint.Evoplus is designed to increase passenger throughput, optimise resources, reduce operational costs and raise security levels.

Both versions 2.1 and 2.2 of Checkpoint.Evoplus have now gained STAC certification – repeated approval for a very innovative platform which continues to set the standards for checkpoint management software.  It holds the key to ensuring checkpoints can reach their full potential by delivering the highest levels of security and also significant operational advances.

Checkpoint.Evoplus transforms a collection of individual components and sensors into a single, integrated and intelligent solution. Providing valuable operational data and supporting new functions such as centralised screening and directed search, it streamlines the overall screening process whilst also enhancing security. The impressive potential of this platform is demonstrated by a number of installations already linking hundreds of checkpoints across nationwide airports – and it can also support international networking.

2D and 3D ready, Checkpoint.Evoplus is also designed to be vendor independent in order to support third-party devices, technology and lanes with open interfaces. It enables complex data exchange between hold baggage and passenger checkpoint screening which could well improve security even further and generate additional operational benefits.