External Cleaning Recommendations:
Conventional X-ray, EDS and ETD systems

Smiths Detection is closely monitoring the situation around COVID-19. Our primary concern is always the safety of our people and of all those we work with. Throughout our global business, we are following guidance from appropriate governments and agencies, the World Health Organization and other public health bodies.

We deeply value our relationship with our customers, partners and suppliers and want to assure you that we’re taking the necessary steps to protect you, our people, our operations and the services we provide.

Cleaning of Smiths Detection equipment: Conventional X-ray and EDS Systems

At this time we understand that you are being extra vigilant with the care and cleanliness of your work environment for the benefit of your staff and end-users. In light of this we wanted to advise on the best way to clean your equipment without compromising its performance.

Having reviewed the suggested list of products that are suitable for use against bacteria and viruses (e.g. COVID-19) inclusive of common over the counter cleaning supplies, we recommend using pre-moistened wipes from widely available brands (e.g. Clorox, Purell, Lysol) on surfaces touched regularly by operators and others. The surfaces include keyboards, mice, panels, glass, trays, belts, and rollers. Do not attempt to clean inside your equipment.

We strongly advise against using water, aerosol cleaners or liquid products that may leak into the system and damage electronics.

The monitors should be cleaned with a moistened anti-static cloth. Do not use products with ammonia or other chemicals that can damage the screen’s surface.

For additional cleaning recommendations please consult your product service manual.

Cleaning of Smiths Detection ETD equipment:

For the cleaning of Smiths Detection ETD equipment (including IONSCAN), we recommend that you a minimum 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) cleaning solution on a disposable lint-free cloth or 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) based scent free disposable disinfectant wipes.

This should be the only cleaning agent that is used to clean IONSCAN products, its accessories, and the table/working areas. It is recommended that test samples are run before live sampling to ensure cleaning materials do not introduce false alarms. Under no circumstances should wipes be used that contain a fragrance or sent, and or any moisturising compounds.

For additional cleaning recommendations please consult your product service manual.

It is recommended to refer to the World Health Organization and your local health organizations for more information on hygiene/hand washing procedures.


Updated 20 April 2020