What is CORSYS?

CORSYS is an innovative global security solution designed to transform the way government agencies and organizations secure and manage their ports, airports, infrastructure and border checkpoints. It brings all security operation information together onto a single, integrated and secure platform to achieve 100% data inspection of all cases. Using insights produced through machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, CORSYS enables you to make informed decisions quickly to protect against any border security threat.

A modern security system designed for tomorrow’s smart borders

100% inspection made possible

Enables 100% data inspection through automated risk assessment that assigns risk level and advises on specific inspection actions.

Machine assisted intelligence

Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning with continuous feedback loops to gain insights, enhance risk assessment and improve decision-making.

Single window

Offers a centralized, hardware brand agnostic real-time view of your entire security operation by bringing all information into a single, integrated and secure platform.


Comes with a robust cybersecurity and data privacy architecture that meets most global requirements and standards.

Accelerated operations

Mobile-enabled app provides managers with a dashboard displaying a consolidated, real-time view of their entire security operation.

Scalable and agile

Developed on an open platform and available as a service for adaptability, scalability and flexibility.

The technology behind CORSYS

Built using Microsoft Azure, CORSYS is powered by artificial intelligence, blockchain and data science to keep your security operations ahead of evolving threats.

Secure Cloud

Built on Microsoft Azure to the highest security and data-privacy standards specifically for business-to-government (B2G) operations.


Blockchain data is encrypted to enable secure data exchange between trusted partners for greater efficiency.

Machine Learning

Automated data-driven decision-making and continuous refinement through machine learning provides insights and predictions to assist your operations.

UFF 2.0

Universal File Format (UFF) enables you to use CORSYS with any of your scanners.

IoT Device Connectivity

Connect to any device and data feed to aggregate information into a single platform.

Open Platform

Provides an SDK (software development kit) platform and marketplace for third-party applications, giving users access to best-of-breed applications.


Real-time reporting across your entire security operations, all from a single window. Easy-to-read dashboards let you track key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor partners’ performance easily.

Predictive Maintenance

Support optimal uptime of your devices, using artificial intelligence to predict when devices need maintenance to reduce equipment failures.