Countdown to Standard 3 compliance

What you need to know and why you should start today

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What is ECAC Standard 3?

It’s a regulatory framework to improve aviation security.

The European Commission passed a legislative framework requiring all hold baggage screening in Europe be equipped with European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3 approved explosives detection systems (EDS). Airports must have these systems in use by 2018 in the UK, 2020 for the rest of Europe, and 2022 in specific circumstances. Why did regulators set these new standards? Increasing security threats have led to higher needs for detection, enhanced regulatory standards and the need for increased efficiencies — realised through reduced false alarm rates (FAR). Here are the top three reasons to upgrade now:

Reduced operational FAR

A typical Standard 3 setup delivers operational FAR of 20% – 30%[1]:

Higher screening performance

Fewer bags to be reconciled

Decrease in baggage delays or jams

EDS selection impacts everything

Selecting your Standard 3 EDS supplier is one of the first steps in a 19-step process. Experts say that converting to Standard 3 takes about four years from start to finish.

The need for phased implementation

A key factor for success: Phasing and contingency planning that ensures the baggage handling system (BHS) remains operational as the conversion takes place.

Steps to achieving Standard 3 compliance

Understand the impact on your airport

Upgrading from Standard 2 to Standard 3 approved systems requires redesigning and reconfiguring your BHS. Why? Under existing regulations, the first level of screening is handled by a standard X-ray system. Standard 3 requires the use of more advanced systems typically containing Computed Tomography (CT) technology, such as those offered by Smiths Detection. Our guide provides a high-level overview of the 19 phases to consider.

Upgrading from Standard 2 to Standard 3 takes about four years start to finish.
UK Department for Transport (DfT)

When it comes to compliance, experience matters

Leading airports know the importance of selecting the right EDS supplier

Today in the United Kingdom, Smiths Detection is set to deliver, install, and support more than 100 Standard 3 approved CT explosives detection systems. At London Heathrow alone, we’re installing forty-five CTX 9800 DSi™ and seventeen HI-SCAN™ 10080 XCT for screening in-gauge and out-of-gauge bags, respectively. These systems are part of the more than 4000 HBS solutions we have deployed worldwide, highlighting our expertise in supporting complex airport ecosystems. Drawing on this experience we’ve gathered key best practices insights from our customers; insights we’ve compiled into a checklist for success.

Smiths Detection: a proven partner
When you invest in one of our products, you’re investing in more than just the technology. Learn how we help our partners meet the standards of today and future-proof for the requirements of tomorrow.

Our service network promise to you

A commitment towards 100% operational availability

Our full suite of integrated service solutions has been designed to create the ultimate customer experience. With on-site service personnel known for going above and beyond, it’s not surprising that “trust” and “caring” are the words that come up when customers are asked to describe their relationship with our field teams.

Organisational depth

Investments in our infrastructure have been made to meet the needs of our customers, locally and globally. Customers benefit directly from multiple levels of service. This allows us to escalate any issue from on-site engineering teams to technology specialists in the region, and to our engineers who built the technology at our manufacturing sites.

Preventive maintenance services

We believe in optimizing the lifecycle of our customers’ investment as long as possible. With CORAL, our advanced predictive analytics suite we leverage predictive analytics, remote monitoring, integrated system diagnostics, and sensors embedded on the equipment to better ensure system uptime and availability.

Customised solutions

Every airport and every terminal has very specific needs. Depending on the airport’s operational hours, uptime requirements, and the overall capacity of the system, we offer a full menu of options to ensure the right support levels are in place.

Experience and training

No other competitor can match our experience in supporting 2000 CTX systems and nearly 2000 multi view EDS units worldwide. With an average of ten years of experience for our field service teams, we also require our teams to continually maintain the latest industry certifications and training updates.

We provide solutions you can trust and service you can count on

As a leader in the aviation security industry for more than forty years – with more than twenty-five years in CT – our statistics reflect our continuing commitment to world-class support.

Top provider

Over 90% of the world’s 50 busiest airports rely on Smiths Detection equipment.

Ready to serve

24/7/365 support.

Supply & logistics

Global network of distribution centers and local depots.

[1]: These are averages only. Results may vary based on several factors such as, but limit to, type of installation, location, complexity of issue, climate etc.