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There are currently 45 open vacancies at Smiths Detection

Excellence for customer and team

Service excellence is about building trust in relationships, with your customer and your team. Somphob Boonpeng, Assistant Service Manager share how for them – service excellence means serving the people.

Stepping up to the challenge of global mobility

Since his first foray into science and technology at a young age, Jethesh Prabhakaran had always been fascinated by how the world worked.

“We live in a technological world, and its complexity continues to throw up challenges that require answers

Deep learning at Smiths Detection

As we embrace our digital transformation, deep learning is set to become an important feature of Smiths Detection’s future product design. In this interview, we spoke with Software Engineer, Geert Heilmann, a leading member of the team involved in our deep learning research about why Smiths Detection is taking this path.

What it means to be a woman in engineering

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), only 10-20% of the global engineering workforce is female.

The World Economic Forum attributes this phenomenon to the low number

Applying ownership, customer focus and passion – every day

In this insight, field service engineer Sophian Sukiono writes about how he and his team apply the Smiths Way values to their work across the Asia-Pacific region.

As a field service engineer (FSE), I’m part of Smiths Detection’s frontline team – working to make sure

Safeguarding our communities

At Smiths Detection we’re driven by a set of values that both reflect and define what we do and how we work. Examples of our values can be seen in our day-to-day activities and in our dealings with customers. Two of these values, customer focus and passion, are particularly clear in our work relating to the potentially lethal drug fentanyl.