Passenger checkpoint

Check out our airport security checkpoint equipment from automatic baggage checking to rapid trace detection of explosives to our innovative people screening.

See how our solutions help to detect threats

The HI-SCAN 7555i is a compact x-ray inspection system with a tunnel opening of 755 mm (30“) wide by 555 mm ( 22“) high.
The HI-SCAN 6040-2is is an advanced dual-view X-ray inspection system for automatic explosive detection.
The IONSCAN 500DT is capable of detecting and identifying explosives and narcotics during a single analysis, while maintaining the high sensitivity you need.
The HI-SCAN 6040aTiX allows automatic explosives detection at security checkpoints, using several, independent multi-energy generators, each of which is connected to its own sophisticated and state-of-the-art X-ray sensor technology.
The HI-SCAN 6046si is a further development of HI-SCAN 6040i, the most successful X-ray inspection system in its class, with more than 6,000 installations worldwide.
iLane is an innovative checkpoint designed to optimise the efficiency of processes whilst keeping up with the high demands of new security standards.
A desktop scanner for detecting explosives in bottles containing liquids .
People screening, using safe millimetre-wave technology to detect concealed threats.
The MMTD is for anyone who needs a hand-held system to detect a broad range of threats. Its portability makes it ideal for aviation, special event and border security.

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