Transportation Security

Protecting transportation systems from acts of terror presents unique security challenges. Smiths Detection offers a layered approach to eliminate threats at airports and on-board aircraft.

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Transportation Security

Smiths Detection combines several technologies to detect explosives, weapons, and illegal items in baggage or on passengers. We provide your security personnel with the best tools for the job, throughout the airport, networked for maximum efficiency.

We also have the widest range of products accredited under the US TSA Air Cargo Screening Mandate.

Threat Areas


Our air cargo screening equipment provides the highest levels of security for all cargo passing through airports. This includes screening for threats or contraband in crates, palletised freight and LD-3 airfreight containers.

We have a wide range of products accredited under the US TSA Air Cargo Screening Mandate.


Check out our airport security checkpoint equipment from automatic baggage checking to rapid trace detection of explosives to our innovative people screening.

Hold baggage screening using high-throughput X-ray systems for automatic explosives detection, stand-alone or built into conveyor systems.

X-ray inspection and explosives detection systems designed to support the airport check-in process. 

Customs officers can check for narcotics or contraband on arriving passengers with tabletop swabbing systems for baggage or a walk-through portal to check passenger’s clothing. Systems can be networked and monitored.

Solutions for checking all staff working airside, on arrival. Includes fast search for weapons, illegal items and explosives.

Protecting buildings against the accidental or deliberate release of chemicals, shutting down HVAC systems. Monitoring all activities with an intelligent video network.

Equipping police and fire services with detection systems for the investigation of unattended bags, suspicious vehicles or unknown substances.

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