Critical Infrastructure

An essential element of homeland security involves protecting essential industries, and government institutions - the critical infrastructure that supports national economies, where any disruption can be paralysing or catastrophic.  

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Critical infrastructure

At Smiths Detection, we have developed the most comprehensive security solution available, from enhancing security checkpoints, through to examining deliveries.

For SECURITY CHECKPOINTS watch our video showing how HI-SCAN 6040C keeps people safe by identifying threats to your building. Click to view.  

For PRISONS - view a video showing the products and technologies we offer to check inmates, visitors and cells for drugs and illicit items. Click to view.

Threat Areas

Checking cars & light vehicles, visitors, staff and their hand baggage for explosives, weapons and other illegal or dangerous items.

Protecting buildings against the accidental or deliberate release of chemicals, shutting down HVAC systems. Using intelligent video systems to help in assessing the level of threat and to monitor events.

Checking incoming deliveries of goods and sub-components for dangerous items and potentially lethal substances, in trucks, containers, packing cases or pallets.

Smiths Detection advocates a layered approach to mail screening, helping organizations create a tailored solution to address multiple threats, including Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), chemical and biological threats.

Securing the perimeter with CCTV cameras linked to multiple intrusion detection devices for active surveillance that continually monitors the fence line. Sensor integration with advanced motion detection & object recognition for early detection and response.

Continuously monitored tunnel, platform and passenger waiting area systems for early detection & response to chemical warfare agents.

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