Transportation Security

Aviation security, including air cargo screening, baggage checks and people screening.



Smiths Detection has worked with the military for over 50 years, gaining significant insight into the needs of armed forces, as well as experience of applying smart science on the battlefield. 


Ports & Borders

Systems for cross-border cargo monitoring, contraband detection, and screening for explosives, weapons, dirty bombs and weapons of mass destruction. Also includes security for passenger ships.


Emergency Responders

Equipping emergency response teams with the most advanced technology, to face unknown or potentially toxic threats with confidence.


Critical infrastructure

Safeguarding vital industries, government facilities, institutions, buildings, transit systems and distribution networks that are essential to the everyday life of a nation. 


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Key market sectors

Being at the forefront of threat detection solutions, we work across many different markets. While each one has its own unique challenges that require specific solutions, we’re able to draw on a huge range of experience and expertise across our organisation – exchanging ideas, sharing best practice and collaborating on innovations.

It’s about achieving the right solution to meet your specific needs, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Threat Areas

Smiths Detection combines several technologies to detect explosives, weapons, and illegal items in baggage or on passengers. We provide your security personnel with the best tools for the job, throughout the airport, networked for maximum efficiency.

We also have the widest range of products accredited under the US TSA Air Cargo Screening Mandate.

Click here for a TV interview featuring Smiths Detection's Mark Elliott providing an update on our latest generation of high-speed baggage screening systems for the AAAE. 

At Smiths Detection, we have developed the most comprehensive security solution available, from enhancing access control checkpoints, through to examining deliveries or screening prison visitors.

Smiths Detection’s powerful systems have set the industry standard in cargo inspection, to reduce international shipments of contraband and discover explosives, weapons, even material for weapons of mass destruction. We meet the challenge of rapid detection without disrupting the daily flow of goods. 

For information on the levels of security required at sea ports and the available technology from Smiths Detection view this video interview.

Response and HAZMAT teams, law enforcement, and federal and local government agencies around the world trust Smiths Detection’s emergency response equipment. We provide them with laboratory-grade technology in easy-to-use equipment that requires minimal training – supported by the highest service levels. 

Protection from today’s threats requires the highest manufacturing standards possible, easy-to-use equipment in life-and-death situations, and the capacity to minimise false detection alarms. Smiths Detection products provide the highest level of confidence in battlefield and security situations.

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