X-ray Inspection

Smiths Detection X-ray inspection systems offer the highest image quality in the industry, a vital factor in the search for explosives, weapons and contraband in baggage, mail and freight. Around the globe, our X-ray inspection equipment plays a vital roles in aviation security, customs inspections and in protecting national critical infrastructure.

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X-ray inspection systems for mail, small parcels, handbags, briefcases, etc. up to 60cms / 24ins.



X-ray scanning systems for the non-intrusive inspection of carry-on baggage and items up to 75cms / 29ins.



X-ray scanners for baggage and freight up to 130cms / 51ins. Also mobile systems for use in multiple locations.



X-ray systems for the non-intrusive inspection of freight and cargo measuring up to 180cms / 70ins. 



X-ray systems designed for airport check-in applications, usually for integration into counters for use during the check-in process. Includes oversized baggage.



X-ray systems for integration into airport baggage handling system for the automatic detection of explosives, with high-speed throughput.


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