Cargo & Vehicle Inspection

Select the product that provides the solution to your security needs

A powerful, ultra compact and fully integrated light mobile platform for inspecting whole trucks, containers and vehicles.
A high-energy truck-based X-ray inspection system.
Towable trailer with comfortable operator’s cabin for up to 8 personnel
The HCVS is the most powerful tool in the HCV product range.
A compact, high-energy pass through X-ray scanning system for trucks, containers & air cargo.
A medium energy X-ray screening system for light vehicles.
A high-energy stand-alone gantry X-ray inspection system.
DMS is a powerful & flexible server to centralize data from inspected cargo, for use with our HCV solutions. It also enables the streamlining of image analysis through a central team of image operators.
The CIP-300 provides a fast, detailed search of cars, light commercial vehicles and minibuses to reveal hidden explosive threats, smuggled goods and stowaways.
The HCV CAB 2000 MA is an X-ray inspection system designed for the detection of illegal consignments inside trucks and sealed containers.
ARD is a high performance X-ray imaging solution for the detection of gamma or neutron sources hidden in fully loaded containers and vehicles.
Our viZual imaging software helps to distinguish unexpected loads. It also adds colorization, linked to the atomic number and the detailed radioscopic image of the container or vehicle.
DaiSy is the powerful software platform at the heart of all our HCV cargo inspection systems. DaiSy provides multiple image treatments and tools to aid in the timely interpretation of results and verification of cargo.

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