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SABRE 5000

Handheld Trace Detector For Explosives, Chemical Agents And Toxic Industrial Chemicals Or Narcotics

Feature Highlights:

  • Smallest, lightest tri-mode (Explosives, Narcotics, CWA/TICs) detector available
  • Optimized detection of peroxides (used in home-made explosive devices) in vapor mode
  • Faster clear down with truncated alarm
  • Self-diagnostics with maintenance
  • Continuous automatic vapor sampling in both positive and negative modes for CWA/TIC detection
  • Protective cover with shoulder strap
  • 2 hour battery

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Using Smiths Detection's proven Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology the SABRE 5000 is programmed to detect and identify over 40 threat substances in approximately 20 seconds. Threats such as common peroxide-based, volatile and unstable chemicals often used to construct IED and ammonium nitrate commonly used in home-made explosives.

The SABRE 5000 is capable of analyzing either trace particle or vapor samples. The operator can select the best analysis method for the suspected threat to yield the most accurate analysis results. Switching between sampling modes takes seconds.

The ASV-Explosives mode offers optimized detection in both negative and positive mode for an increased range of explosives detection.



Technology Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)
Radiation source 63Ni, sealed 15 mCi
Sample collection Trace particle and vapor
Dimensions 36.3 x 11 x 13cm (14.5 x 4 x 4.5in)
Explosives detected RDX, PETN, TNT, Semtex, TATP, NG, Ammonium Nitrate, H2O2 and others
Drugs detected Cocaine, Heroin, THC, Methamphetamine and others
Toxic industrial chemicals detected Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Phosgene, SO, NH and others
Chemical warfare agents detected Nerve and blister agents such as Tabun, Sarin, Soman, Cyclosarin, Agent VX and Vx
Display 8.89cm (3.5in) TFT color display
False alarm rate Less than 1%
Input voltage 12VDC, 110 VAC / 220 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Alarm type Audio and visual, with substance identification
Ready time Under 15 minutes
Sensitivity Particle: low nanogram range; Vapor: low parts per million range
Weight 3.2 kg (7lbs.) with the 4 hour battery
Operating modes Explosives, Narcotics, Chemical warfare agents/Toxic industrial chemicals
Analysis time Detection in 10 seconds, complete analysis in 20 seconds
Operating temperature range 0°C to +40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Operating humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing

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Technology behind this product

Ion Mobility Spectrometry

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